Company profile

The company ELEKTROPLAST, výrobné družstvo Prešov was established in 1969. The company has at its disposal manufacturing, stock and administrative places of its own in the area of cca 4 400 sq. m. and quantity SaSZ mentioned in table.  The company specializes of production plastic products with the following technologies - injection moulding, thermoforming.

Injection moulding - preferred technology of plastics in our VD passed because of the competitiveness and growth in the period since 2009 and a complete upgrade with the help of financial contributions from EU structural funds.The production is realize on machines: Mitsubischi, Arburg, Selex, including the periphery to a volume of 750 g clossing pressure of 280 T to the volume.

Thermoforming - we are forming plastic materials to 0,3m2 area.

Application of product in sectors:

  • Electrical engeneering
  • The technical parts for automotive industry
  • Toys and sports equipment for children
  • Garden and housewares